Chicago Hair Show 2022

We went to the Chicago Hair Show in 2022 and learned some great new techniques to share with you!

Get inspired and then schedule an appointment to see how we can apply some new hair science to your style. 

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That 90s Hair Vibe…

The Chicago Hair Show took the 90s into the new millennium with styles reminiscent of the old days, with a twist!

Look for wispy bangs and layers, long straight styles and some added bounce with a hot iron.

Adorned Hair…

Add some fun to your hair with amazing accessories!

The show featured models with extra barrettes, flowers (doesn’t that baby’s breath look awesome?), those old-style hair bands with the little balls and even glow sticks tied around braids. 

What could you add to jazz up a night on the town?

Big Hair – Don’t Care…

The bigger hair, the bigger the personality! 

We saw some of the largest hair styles since the Aquanet days, and we LOVE it. 

Get out the teasing combs, hair spray and let your needs-to-be-washed mane fly high and wild this year. 

If you want help with the right products to achieve this look, or want a new cut to take it to the next level, call us!

Super Bright Color…

Hair color just keeps getting more vibrant this year! 

All the deepest, richest, brightest hair color trends were popping.

We LOVE the look of natural on top and rainbow underneath… go as bright as you want, and strut your stuff. 

If you want to guarantee long-lasting, super-vibrant color that won’t fade, we’re here to help with Goldwell Color Systems that won’t damage your hair either. 

Shaved Designs…

Spice up your shaved look with a unique design in 2022!

The sky is the limit for making your mane as amazingly individual as you are. 

Anyone can pull off this look with the right stylist, and Hairtology has you covered! 

Talk to us about your ideas and we’ll find the perfect stencil to make them come to life. 

Subtle Color Highlights…

Want a more professional, understated look? Add some subtle highlights or lowlights to your color!

Update a classic style with a bit of natural blonde, reddish undertones or even pastel hues to add some dimension to your hair without going overboard. 

Hairtology’s stylists have these color techniques mastered to help you look and feel your best every day. 

The Mullet Returns…

Retro everything in 2022 means that the men’s mullet is back in style! 

Of course, it’s updated and stylish and ready to take on the world with some new wisdom. 

Guys, Hairtology is here for you too…